” If you’re looking to work with someone with strong motivational and mentoring skills, Rahid is the best you can go to. I worked with Rahid during my assignment as Head of Card Services at ANZ Grindlays Bank. One of the first few members on the team, Rahid led the most productive new business acquisition channel for the bank. Working with him has been a pleasure and I attribute this to his self-motivational and methodical skills and proficiencies. “

Maruf Ahmed

Assistant GM | Arab National Bank

Rahid Sami worked with me at Citibank Pakistan and he was one of the pioneers in launching Retail Banking and Credit Cards in Pakistan. He played a key role in establishing Citibank as the leader in Retail Banking during the inception years. A highly motivated individual with admirable interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, this man is clearly one of the finest Sales talent I have met.  His unique understanding of this field will aid him in creating more people like him in the Pakistan Banking Industry. 

Haris Hanif

CEO | Orange Money Group, Orange Romania SA

A witty personality,  positive energy, and understanding nature is what I think Rahid is. Despite being my husband’s boss Rahid has always been a warm, generous, and friendly presence in our family. He is a strong advocate of women empowerment because of the presence of tough female individuals, such as his mother, in his life. The way he follows his heart and works hard on what he’s passionate about is admirable and probably the reason why he is where he is today. These attributes of his make him unique and exceptional. He is one of my closest confidants and will always be a great support system. 

Narmeen Khan

Managing Director Pakistan | Mondelēz International

For as long as I have known Rahid he has been an excellent friend, a perfect family man, and a highly motivated professional. The both of us started our career together and on many occasions, we worked together so when I received news of him starting a training organization, I was skeptical and concerned. However, looking at him now shows that he’s a motivated man ready to make bold risky decisions. The self-belief he has is commendable so is his salesmanship. After attending one of his highly interactive and engaging training sessions, I can say that I’m very proud of my sincere friend. And I wish him all the best for the future. 

Arif Shafique

Country Manager (Pakistan & Afghanistan) | HMD Global Oy (The House of Nokia Phones )

Rahid Sami is not only my first boss and mentor, he is the reason I am still in the corporate world. To have a boss who you know will always have your back is what gave me the confidence to take on the world. Being a freshman just out of college, the sort of support I got from Rahid was unimaginable. He has impeccable customer skills that can easily turn a frown into a smile. Due to the immense support I still hold him in high regard and seek his advice before making career-changing decisions. He is more like family to me and I owe my success today to him. 

Talat Rabia

Head of Transaction Banking | Askari Bank

Rahid Sami has been known to me for the past eight years. We started off professionally as him being a trainer and a motivational speaker. With his friendly and genuine personality, we became good friends. 

Professionally, us being a Corporate Events and Activation company, Rahid has conducted training programs and been an inspirational Motivational speaker for our clients Like ICI, Ebm, Abbott, and Tapal both locally and internationally. His greatest quality is how he interacts with the teams and speaks their language. We wish Rahid all the very best. 

Shakeel Jaffer

Director H&S Connect

My journey with Rahid Sami as a Professional Trainer and Executive Coach date back to 2004 during my SCB days. Since then I find him to be an extremely intelligent trainer and a true mind magician who is deeply committed to the growth of his trainees. Dedicated and emotionally aware, this man has a very strong work ethic which is why he stands as a role model for many. On various occasions, Rahid has been supportive of the decisions I made which aided in my personal growth. Today, I am happy and very proud to see him going further and co-creating new horizons for himself and all the others around him. I recommend Rahid Sami and wish him all the best.

Amna Butt


I have known Mr Rahid Sami for the last 21 years. He has been a supervisor at my workplace and a great friend cum mentor. “Personal Selling” is an art that comes naturally to him and I managed to pick quite a few traits from him which helped me immensely in my professional career. I wish him all the best in his new endeavor.

Syed Farooq Hasan

Divisional Head | Government of Pakistan and Specialized Agencies, Corporate & Investment Banking Group, National Bank of Pakistan

” I first met Rahid when he interviewed me for my first job at ANZ Grindlays. I saw in him a leader who had a vision and wit, who gave me chance after chance, numerous times during our time together that would shape me for years to come. He gave me my first break and supported me through the ups and down I had in life and at the company. His understanding and flexible nature allowed me to achieve a lot such as being able to complete my education. The immense support helped me grow in the banking sector as well as in life. He is also the person who pushed me towards golf and today it is my favorite sport. After losing my job due to 9/11 in the US, it was Rahid who made coming back easier. Rahid Sami is a household name for my family and I always have been grateful for the part he played in my life. To me, he is a leader, an active mentor, and a source of support when I needed it the most. I’ll always be grateful for being given the chance to know Rahid.

Aurangzaib Khan

General Manager | MEA Region at i2c Inc.

To describe in words what Rahid means to me, or the kind of impact he has had on my life, will not justify the effect, but I will give try to put my feelings into words. Professionally, Rahid has been the person who identified my potential and knew how to bring out my strengths. He encouraged me and genuinely believed in my ability and provided a comfortable, safe and inspiring environment for me. Time and time again he continues to inspire people with his insights and experience. Personally, Rahid is compassionate, sensible, innovative, rock-solid, organized, brilliant and FUN! He is not only just my mentor but is also a trusted friend and above all he is my Guru!! He teaches you to make the best out of every moment, that nothing is impossible, and to trust your own potential. Rahid is a natural leader and so at ease with all kinds of people and most of all I see him as someone with a strong sense of self-acceptance which allows him to be accepting of everyone else. I am grateful to know him

Ahmed Zubairi

Head of recovery | Telenor Microfinance Bank

While writing this, I recalled the moment when I first met Rahid Sami. It was when I appeared for an interview for a sales executive position in ANZ Grindlays Bank. I thought I had no aptitude for sales or marketing, after graduating in finance. However, God had a different plan for us and he had chosen Mr. Sami to give a new meaning to my life. The first two days of training by him were my moment of truth. He made me believe in myself. The journey with him has been very inspiring, from boss to mentor and family. He was never a manager, he was a leader! We knew he was always there for us. He always kept us motivated to give our best and always inspired and instilled in us that we can do better. It is very difficult to find a better salesman, leader, motivator, and coach than Rahid Sami. Most importantly he is a good human being and has been an inspiration for us. It’s been ages since he left banking but we know he is always there for us. Whatever I have achieved in my professional life, credit goes to him.

Adnan Kamal

Group Head | Allied Bank

To address the new-age training and coaching challenges/needs, I can think of no better qualified and experienced individual than Rahid. His ability to address individual organizational needs, rather than one size fits all, is exceptional. I have found him to take extreme ownership of his assignments putting in all that is required for successful delivery and then some. I have had the opportunity to see his efforts, initiatives, and delivery take fruit in the field.

All of the above is only possible with a person who is passionate about his work, who takes it personally, remains invested in the project till the last day and who is equally facile with all levels of management. It is rare to find consultants with such qualities until you meet Rahid Sami. 

Abid Munshi

Executive Director | Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited