Advantedge & Partners

The Advantedge journey began in 2011, and now has a cumulative team experience of over 50 years, Advantedge has a strong foundation to aid the success of our clients. Our trainers, coaches and consultants have worked with clients across Pakistan, Romania, UAE, Bangladesh, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman and Singapore.

9Nine Niners

One of Rahid Sami’s hobbies is playing golf. This turned into a venture where he and his friends play a game of nine holes weekly instead of your regular 18 holes. The motto of this venture is “Twice The Fun in Half The Time.” The main aim is to gather all 9-holes golfers under one wing to host sponsored tournaments and help them with networking.

Public speaker

Kidz Klub

As the name suggests Kidz Klub is a kids upto 10 years exclusive membership club. Rahid Sami believes that by providing a comfortable atmosphere, children while playing and interacting with other kids, learn the basic ethics of social development. Thus he formed Kidz Kulb where children get taught important lessons such as sharing, friendship, leadership and independence. The trainer and motivational speaker also helps parents in this program to promote better parent-child relationships.

Schehrazade Spa

An indulgent cleansing and purification ritual by the name of Schehrazade Spa is the next venture by Rahid Sami. The best motivational speaker believes that one should reward themselves every once in a while for their hard work. Thus he funded Schehrazade Spa. Unlike other spas this one infuses old world traditional treatments with new-age modern-day services. The best part is that it is a ladies only one.

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