For Fresh Graduates: Gaining an Edge in the Job Market

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Advantedge looks to help by imparting industry-specific training

KARACHI: Gone are the days when managers would be okay with a fresh recruit learning basics on the job. As the job market gets competitive, students – through different ways – pinpoint their interest and shape their resume according to industry-specific requirements.
In Pakistan, unemployment data would continue to reflect a sorry state. However, there is one aspect prospect employees could work on – acquiring a specific set of skills to help them early on in their careers.

This is where Advantedge, formerly known as Green Cherry Solutions in 2011, is looking to step in. The company provides a wide range of professional services including mentoring and coaching on a pro-bono basis. It will also serve as a consultancy firm that will train, develop and manage their recruits according to the needs of the industry.

With 3 million students graduating in Karachi each year, according to Advantedge CEO Rahid Sami, guidance and mentorship is of utmost importance.

While the CEO remained laser-focused on companies’ sales departments as the choice destination, he said that most students do not find sales jobs appealing anymore. “They think it’s at the bottom of the food chain — little do they know that top CEOs in the world used to be in sales and some of them still are.”

The company is trying to change this view, encouraging graduates to pursue careers in sales departments. “We mentor, Life coach and train them, it’s basically a hand-holding exercise for free,” said Sami.

Recently, the company inked an agreement with the Institute of Bankers of Pakistan (IBP) to start a certified sales professional accreditation for the banking industry.

“The course is designed to meet banks’ requirements for its sales staff.”

Sharing details about the project, Sami said that the programme is for fresh graduates. Additionally, he said, candidates with a maximum of one-year experience could apply.

He claimed that chances of being employed at a bank after the accreditation will go up almost 90%.

“It a commitment with the institute, we identify and train people for the job, and the institute will place the trained resources.

“We are trying to get best fit for the jobs in the market, through personality, IQ and EQ tests.
“This is a pilot case in Karachi and we plan to move to other fields besides the financial sector and to other areas of the country if it proves to be successful.”


Published in The Express Tribune, June 4th,  2015.